Northern California

If there’s one thing I learned after spending 3 months overseas in Europe, it’s this:

Northern California is exceptionally unique and amazing, in every possible way.

Until I started traveling, I didn’t realize how wonderfully lucky I was to have grown up in a place like this.


Despite the fact that California doesn’t feel like “home” right now, a part of me knows that she will always be my home. Even if I don’t want to plant my roots here, a part of me knows that they are already planted here. A part of me knows that I may never find a place as magical as Northern California. I may leave her, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stay away. The love I feel for California is unrivaled by nearly anything.

The lakes, rivers, creeks, streams. The snow-capped mountains, and deep valleys. The beaches and deserts. The wildlife and plant life. All of it…it never ceases to amaze me.

In all of my travels, I have yet to come across a place as remarkably diverse and enthralling as Northern California. Though my heart belongs to the wind, a part of me knows that Northern California will always be my first inspiration, my first home, and my first love.

Castle Crags State Park-7738.jpg

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